Dr Tavakoli MastopexyMany women are known to be conscious about their appearance, and the breasts are often given a lot of attention. The appearance of the breasts normally changes for many women due to childbirth or aging. Most women experience sagging breasts which are not very appealing, and they many end up shying away from well-fitting clothes because of this. Mastopexy is a procedure that is designed to address the problem of sagging breasts and give you the shape you have been dreaming about.


Mastopexy is widely referred to as breast lift; it is a technique used to give the breasts a better shape while ensuring that scarring is minimized. The aim of the procedure is to raise the breasts; the surgeon is able to do this by identifying the desired nipple position. The surgeon then removes any excess skin around the breast and then lifts the breast tissue to the required position. If you are also getting implants, they are inserted at this point. The breast tissue is then tightened in order to support the breast and give it the required shape.

Benelli mastopexy

In this procedure, the surgeon removes skin around the areola in the shape of a donut and then carefully fixes back the remaining skin. This procedure is used to reposition the nipple to a higher position. It leaves a circular scar around the areola.

Inverted T-scar mastopexy

This is a procedure used when there is a lot of excess skin on the breast. The cosmetic surgeon removes skin from the areola, the bottom and the center of the breast. The areola is moved higher and the skin that remains is wrapped around the breast tissue. A scar that looks like an inverted T is formed, but this should fade with time.

Mastopexy by Dr Tavakoli

Vertical lollypop scar

If your breasts have drooped severely, the surgeon might recommend this procedure. The skin on the lower part of the breast and also around the areola is removed. The resulting scar looks like a lollypop as it goes round the areola and down the front of the breast.

Crescent scar

This is a procedure that results in minimal scarring and is perfect when the nipple has only drooped a little bit. In the technique, only a small amount of skin and tissue is removed from the areola in the shape of a crescent.

Post surgery

After the surgery, small drains may be inserted into the breasts for the next one or two days. Your bandages and drains will be removed after one or two days during a follow up visit to the surgeon, who will also want to check the blood supply to the breasts and the color of the nipples. You will likely be uncomfortable for the first few days, and you may need to wear a bra to give the breasts the required support during recovery. It is important to carefully follow all the instructions that the surgeon will give you concerning recovery.

Mastopexy Photo

Qualified surgeon

If you are considering mastopexy, Dr Tavakoli is an expert in all mastopexy techniques and has been conducting these surgeries for many years, so get a consultation as soon as you can.