The cosmetic procedure that focuses on reducing the size of the labia and improving the appearance of the female genitals is called labiaplasty. The labia are the two sets of folded skin that are located in the outside middle of the vagina. It also folds over the vulva. The labia look less straight than normal after childbirth, genetics, or vaginal injury. There are also instances when the labia naturally look larger or more elongated than usual. Some people think that this is just a natural variation in the appearance of the labia and they are not bothered about it. However, there are also those who feel that this condition detracts them from having an attractive genitalia and that is why they opt to get labiaplasty.

Setting Expectations

Cosmetic surgeons have their own basic methods for labiaplasty. The extent of the surgical procedure also depends on different factors. Meanwhile, some women want this operation to be carried out along with other vaginal surgical procedures like the exposure of the clitoris or vaginal rejuvenation. Generally speaking, labiaplasty alone is outpatient and performed under general anaesthesia or while the patient is sedated and unconscious. During this period, the cosmetic surgeon will remove the extra tissue and create smaller labia through laser-cutting techniques. After the surgery, patients are allowed to go home and most of them are allowed to carry out their normal activities after a few weeks. However, they cannot have sexual intercourse for at least six months or as the labia is nearly completely healed. Patients should also expect minor discomfort from the operation but they will be prescribed with mild pain medications to address it.

Potential Patients

Most of the patients who wish to undergo labiaplasty are those who have undergone childbirth, which will stretch the labia. There are also a few women who choose this cosmetic procedure because they have already had a large labia since birth and they feel self-conscious of this, which is why they want it to be corrected. Meanwhile, there are also those who choose to undergo this procedure because the serious labial damaged that they have accrued due to accidents or injuries.

Labiaplasty is usually an elective procedure and that means patients need to cover it with their own finances. Most insurance companies will only cover this procedure if the patient’s condition resulted from an injury and warrants such surgical operation. However, this will not be covered by insurance if you plan to have the operation to fix your stretched or enlarged labia due to childbirth.


Labiaplasty is not a very common procedure despite the media coverage it received. Also, there are a few groups who morally object to the procedure because they think the operation would harm the patient. Some opponents of the operation also believe that labiaplasty is another form of female castration. If you plan to undergo one, it is important for you to find a reputable cosmetic surgeon who specializes in this procedure and one who has successfully performed the operation countless times before. You also need to look at before and after pictures as well as a request for references that you can get in touch with. Finding cheap surgeons is highly discouraged. Instead, you should opt for one who has an established degree of expertise in labiaplasty and other vaginal cosmetic surgeries.